Basic fit is a gym chain with more than a thousand fitness centers in Europe. In 2015, Basic Fit reached 1 million members and one year after that the company was listed on the stock exchange. Can you imagine what a grand staff party for thousands of young and fit employees would look like? They called it The Orange Revolution Party. And of course, we were there to make this party into an unforgettable experience.



The Orange Revolution Party took place in the Expo Hall, Brussels. With artists like Afrojack and a 360 degree spinning stage, the party just had to be epic. Basic Fit wanted to enthuse employees and bring them together. From the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France and Spain, Basic Fit employees traveled to Belgium to experience an unique togetherness of colleagues, all working for the same company but mostly meeting for the first time.


The Art of Light was asked to design, program and perform the opening show of The Orange Revolution Party. The stage was right in the middle of the space, which means the show had to look great from all sides. We worked with a 360 degree 3D lighting design, including video screens and lasers to emphasize the unique stage even more. The name of the party suggests using one color in particular, but of course we used complementing colors to really make the orange pop.


We programmed the whole show beforehand, using a virtual world in our own studio. This is a very efficient way to timecode a show without being dependent on location availability. It is also a great way to show the client what the lighting show will look like in advance. We love a happy client, but even more so we love to see an audience enjoying themselves. Based on the numbers of filming phones in the air, we can conclude that the people of Basic Fit will not just forget this experience.

Commissioned by Sightline productions & Event Republic

Photocredits: Floris Heuer