BusinessBoost Live

Business Boost Live is the biggest business event for entrepreneurs in The Netherlands. The event is set up as a festival, with a big 360 degree stage right in the middle of the space. Both well-known inspirational speakers like Simon Sinek and performance artists ascend the stage to teach, inspire and entertain. For 3 consecutive years, we designed, programmed and performed the light shows of this enormous and festive corporate event in Ahoy Rotterdam.


If you think corporate events are boring, think again! Business Boost Live strives for a spectacular show where anything can happen. They promise an evening full of inspiration and entertainment that will leave you full of energy, with new insights and ideas. Sharing knowledge is the goal, but the purpose is bigger: Business Boost wants to create a must see unique experience for entrepreneurs. Be there or be square.


The round stage is a real challenge to work with. It is right beneath a 360 degree video screen, forcing us to be flexible and creative with the lighting set-up. The lighting has to be perfect for close-ups, from every angle and we have to keep in mind that the event is being captured on video. With many years of experience, we can accurately determine what a production will look like on video.

Still, good cooperation and communication with the filmmakers remain paramount to success. The settings of the cameras and the lighting have to be perfectly in tune, while the stage needs to look spectacular in real life as well. At The Art of Light, we work with experienced people who have the right know-how for big and impressive business events like Business Boost Live.


The Art of Light helps Business Boost Live to get the picture perfect business event they’re aiming for. A truly unique experience for the thousands of entrepreneurs in the room, and the best lighting for a spectaculair aftermovie. As we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we can honestly say this event is truly interesting, inspiring and above all energizing. Would recommend!