Light is our passion and we love the whole process that comes with it. From concepting to designing, to programming and operating.


We strive to create innovatory and out-of-this-world designs. Achieved by challenging ourselves to keep evolving and learning, you can never be done learning. We naturally keep an eye on new developments and trends, because light is our passion. Our team is one of our strengths. We keep our skills sharp, by working together, asking for feedback and being critical, to insure high quality.


On location or in our own studio, we always make sure that we are prepared properly. Programming is an important element for a next level light show, a preparation we do not take lightly. Whatever challenge we face, we get the job done.


This is the moment where everything comes together, and you see a vision come to life. We perform a next level light show, every time we are behind the tables. Creating the ultimate experience - not only for the audience, but everyone involved – is what makes our hearts race.

Look behind-the-scenes! 

 We have two fully equipped studios where we can work on our projects. Scroll down below to get an impression. 

Studio 1

- WYSIWYG Server I7-7700 NVIDEA GTX 1080ti

- 42" LCD screen

- 1 workstation

- Airconditioning

- RGB LED lighting allows you to create your preffered work environment

Studio 2

- WYSIWYG or DEPENCE2 Servers I9-9900 NVIDEA RTX 2080ti

- 75" 4K screen 

- 4 workstations

- Airconditioning

- Possibility to work in the daylight or simulate night setting

- RGB LED lighting allows you to create your preffered work environment