DGTL is a festival through techno music, art and production. They seek out the latest technological innovations and most exciting advances to create an unforgettable festival experience. The experience of DGTL is created by striving for a balance between the leading names in art and music, the newest discoveries and local treasures.

Bob Roijen, the light and set designer of the mainstage, approached The Art of Light to be a part of the 2018 edition of this innovative festival in Amsterdam. His set design resulted in a true light art object, which became a part of the festival experience. André Beekmans was responsible for operating and controlling the ledstrips, bringing the stage to life.


The lighting design was based on the layer construction of the set. The geometric shapes of the set design were emphasized by ledstrips. “I controlled the ledstrips with Hippotizer’s Pixelmapper -” André says,” and used the GrandMA2 for the remaining lighting.”

For someone so passionate about lighting, it’s crazy to hear they prefer a minimal use of it. “At techno festivals I like to keep it dark, I think that’s the way it supposed to be.” André says. “By using lighting effects on the exact right moments, the audience will cut loose and experiencing the music optimally.“ While operating, André mainly focused on creating clean lines to amplify the shape of the set. The Clay Pacy Mythos were used as moving lights and light beams to achieve this. “They really added an extra dimension to the light art object and overall experience.” André added.  

The result was a succesful edition of DGTL, that combined music and art for a next level experience!