ISY Music Festival

ISY Music Festival celebrates the tropical lifestyle of Hainan island with with world class sounds every year on the 31st of December. This event takes place in Haitang Bay, Sanya and you can be sure that it will not only be a breathtaking experience but you're also guaranteed to have the celebration of a lifetime. 

ISY combines legendary local stories of deer, love and the power of nature into its iconic stage design and can be considered China's most innovative music festival. For the 3rd time now the star filled Sanya Sky was lighted up with a spectacular light show, fireworks and pulsating beats from the world's top DJ's and artists. 

From render... 

To reality... 

For ISY we took care of the light design, the pre-programming in our studio and both the light designer and light operator were on site. 


218x LED Flood 

132x Single LED blinder 

260x Beam

52x LED Sport 

152x LED Wash 

346x LED Par