Secret Project

Although Secret Project is not so secret anymore, it was definitely one of the most surprising festivals of the year 2022. Originated in LA, Secret Project is not your average festival. This emerging festival combines fusing art, technology and exceptionally curated house and techno music: a mix of both established artists and new talent. For the ADE-edition in 2022, our lighting designs were the foundation of the entire production design for the three biggest stages.

(Not so) secret project

Secret Project is not a festival where youngsters party until the break of dawn. The arty experience starts during daytime and attracts a more mature audience. Therefore, we worked with the creative team of Secret project to create a moodboard and a more mature approach. The festival's artwork is known for its geometric shapes, visualized sound waves and pulses, and primary colors. Also, the sunset is a big part of the ambiance. We translated the distinctive style to a production design and lighting design, in which you can recognize sleek shapes and bright colors. An inspiring environment to enjoy the exquisite beats to the fullest.


Normally, we create a lighting design based on the stage design. With this project, we started the other way around. Our lighting design determined the contours of the stage. This was a real challenge, because every person involved had a personal opinion about the shapes and the stage design. It was our job to convince the whole team to put personal opinion aside and strive for the ultimate experience that suits Secret Project. With success.

Another challenge was the location. We designed, programmed and performed the three biggest stages, all of which were special in their own way. One stage was a tent with limited mounting options. The other one consisted of a black box in a big hall with a low ceiling that makes it difficult to spread light beams throughout the entire space. The last stage included a rusty steel construction with an unknown weight tolerance. We had to take all these limiting factors into account.


To create the ultimate experience while taking all kinds of conditions into account, you need knowledge and experience. Being a veteran in this field, we know exactly where to put lights to get an amazing show. We know our tools and possibilities, so we can easily determine what lamps are light enough to attach to specific materials in specific places. You can leave that to us!

We created an experience we are proud of, despite Secret Project taking place during one of the most busy weeks of the year, and despite the limitations. It was a lot of hard work, but we like a good challenge. We can make anything happen. We really like how the design suits Secret Project, intensifies the branding and enhances the complete experience. We enjoyed the festival to the fullest. We really recommend keeping an eye on this emerging festival with fusing art, technology and exceptionally curated house and techno music - all of this partly in daytime!

Photocredits: Tim van Etten