UNTOLD Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Europe held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Over 300,000 fans gather annually for 4 days and 4 nights of EDM, Pop, and everything in between. The festival kicked off in 2015 when Cluj-Napoca was designated the European Union’s ‘Capital of Youth,’ and The Art of Light has been part of the journey since its inception.



Untold takes place in a football stadium, surrounded by a large city park. The festival features various areas, and at the Art of Light, we usually focus on the main stage. In 2023, we also took charge of the galaxy stage in the techno area. A distinctive feature of the festival is the grand setup of decor, which truly stands out and creates unique experiences.

As the festival continues until early morning, we are active 24 hours a day. Right after the last shows conclude, artists for the next day are already arriving to do the load-in. Therefore, we have set up a backstage studio where we use a WYSIWYG system to fine-tune every detail. Collaborating closely with the artist teams, we make certain to present the set design in the best possible way and deliver shows that leave a lasting impression.


Working for Untold means putting in intense days. We come with a team of 3 people, allowing us to rotate and have someone available for artist support at all times. Every day, we work with various artist teams, each striving to make the most of the available resources. Our challenge is to achieve this as effectively as possible.

At a festival of this magnitude, it's always a challenge to keep everyone as happy as possible. Fortunately, at The Art of Light, we have extensive experience with such events, enabling us to communicate clearly and collaborate with others. Additionally, it's always a fun challenge for us to make the set design stand out in the best possible way.


By highlighting the unique and extraordinary set design, we craft signature shows that complement the unique character of the festival. Every year, we illuminate a highly diverse range of artists in a style that suits the festival and the audience will never forget. We're already looking forward to next year!




Photos by Alive Coverage